Heroes of Dire is a new online tactical strategy game where players command a powerful hero with an army of fighters searching for treasure, enemy guilds, and live Dungeon Master events that unfold in real-time!

Join thousands of players on any desktop or mobile device in this unique crowd-funded role-playing experience!


  • Live Dungeon Masters: Staff members craft entirely new dungeons and adventures in real-time for online players to explore.
  • Unique Quest System: Participate in solo, community, and guild quests to change the face of the world of Dire.
  • AI Squad Control: Real life happens? Log out and let the AI take over your fight while you're away!
  • Class Combat: Class abilities allow strategic surprises on the battlefield. A rogue’s “Shadow Step” is perfect for sneaky backstabs!
  • MMO Dungeon Crawling: Simultaneously explore dungeons with thousands of other players.
  • Cross-Platform Servers: Use the same account across mobile and desktop devices to continue your adventure on the go.
  • Guild Warfare: Construct and defend sprawling guild halls against enemy guild raids, while capturing precious resources and powerful relics!
  • Crafting & Exploration: Skilled crafters discover rare resources scattered throughout the world to forge unique Masterwork equipment!


Fact Sheet

Release: Nov 2016 (Mobile) March 2017 (Steam)

Platforms: Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android

Price: Free

File Size: 120MB


Spellbook is a small indie game studio located in the Midwestern United States. The development team for Heroes of Dire is made up of just a few programmers, artists, and dungeon masters who share a passion for creating fun and challenging online games.

The Heroes of Dire project began December 2015, was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May 2016, had a public beta test October 2016, and opened the first live server November 2016.


Heroes of Dire is powered by the Unity3D game engine and Microsoft Azure platform.

Our custom MMO game engine (The Pit), network code, databases, websites, leaderboards, dungeon master tools, and content systems were created in-house by our talented and physically attractive programmers.

Company Bio

Spellbook is an independent video game studio located in the Midwestern United States. We specialize in building massively-multiplayer online games for desktop and mobile, and have a passion for the art of game creation.

Our team of artists and developers come from diverse backgrounds, with a healthy mix of newbies and industry veterans, sporting 17 years of experience and 50+ shipped titles. Spellbook's breakout mobile hit The Infinite Black has been played by over one-million people around the world. First launched in 2011, it is one of the oldest massively-multiplayer online games for Android and iOS, and maintains a thriving community with tens-of-thousands of active users.


Logos / Icons