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A dark fantasy online world torn apart by powerful guilds, wicked gods, and eternal warfare!

In this massively-multiplayer tactical role-playing game you can join with friends to quest for treasure, raid enemy guilds, battle monsters, and fight in brutal gladiator arenas!

You will become part of the story as live Dungeon Masters craft custom events in real-time to create an ever-evolving game lore!



Cross-platform servers bring together thousands of players from both desktop and mobile devices, with launch-day support for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Download the client to start playing now!


HOW MUCH does it cost?

Heroes of Dire is free to download and play!

There are no time limits or gimmicks!

(We never sell user information)


Who Created Heroes of Dire?

Spellbook is a very small indie game studio located in the Midwestern United States. The development team for Heroes of Dire is made up of just a few programmers, artists, and dungeon masters who share a passion for creating fun and challenging online games.

The Heroes of Dire project began December 2015, was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May 2016, had a public beta test October 2016, and opened the first live server November 2016.

What technology is used?

Heroes of Dire is powered by the Unity3D game engine and Microsoft Azure platform.

Our custom MMO game engine (The Pit), network code, databases, websites, leaderboards, dungeon master tools, and content systems were created in-house by our talented and physically attractive programmers.


Where can I Learn More?

Check out the Download Page

Join our forums at www.Spellbook.com

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Email us at Contact@Spellbook.com